Checked out the Calyx Network® lately?

September 27, 2012

BJ Bounds

For those of you who work in Point® every day but haven’t peaked at the tabs at the top labeled “Lenders,” “Services,” or “Interfaces,” you might be losing valuable time from your workday.

The Calyx Network is a network of vendors that provide premier services and documents straight from your Point file.  You can order credit, closing docs, appraisals, flood certs, almost anything you need to close a mortgage, without re-keying the borrower information or having to fax paperwork back and forth.  These vendors are tied into Point so you can order straight from a file and receive the information back into the file from which it was ordered.

There are so many vendors to choose from, your favorite might already be listed.  Don’t wait another minute! Check out the vendors in your Point software today and give yourself the gift of time!

For a complete list of vendors, visit the Calyx Network page.

What Are We Talking About When We Talk About the Appraisal Firewall-Calyx Point Interface?

September 24, 2012

Jessica Thompson

As those of you know who manage your own appraisal process, ordering the appraisal is the easy part. Getting the lender-managed appraisal process in place and making sure the proper efficiency, compliance and oversight is there is an entirely different animal. Without the right kind of technology, this can be difficult.

What if the technology you need was available right from within your very own Calyx Point® in an easy, set-it-and-forget-it process?

Appraisal Firewall offers branch administration and corporate controls (video here) to setup and have a scope into each branch’s appraisal activities and to tightly control workflow. All Calyx Point users have this functionality available to them today through the Appraisal Firewall interface. The interface is so much more than just appraisal ordering.  No other LOS-to-Appraisal technology partnership offers this level of functionality. Where many have gone wide with their systems and overlooked the characteristics of detail, we have chosen to go deep with the features and functions available to you in your LOS.

So, then – what are we talking about when we talk about Appraisal Firewall? Control. Control over your appraisal process; control over the setup and administration of your appraisal process; and, control to make sure your appraisal process is efficient and cost-effective while complying with all appraisal independence regulations.

To learn more, you can click here, email Jim Norman at SharperLending (the company behind the Appraisal Firewall technology), or leave a comment here on the Calyx Corner Blog.

Calyx Network September Update

September 4, 2012

BJ Bounds

This month’s update to the Calyx Network does not include any vendor additions. However, if you are on Point 7.6, you will automatically receive updates to the following forms:

  1. The FHA Home Inspection (HUD-92564-CN) form. This update is just the expiration date as HUD just changed it on the form.
  2. The FHA Consumer Choice Notice Disclosure. This update added some missing text that should be in the “FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium Information” section at the bottom of the form.

Remember, you can only receive these instant updates if you are on the current version of Point because that is the version that contains the functionality for forms updates.   If you need to update your software, call your account representative at 800-362-2599.

The Key to Success Starts with WebCaster Technology

August 21, 2012

Jessica Thompson

Technology has changed just about every aspect of business and culture. The mortgage industry has not escaped technology’s grip. Yet as we stand on the precipice of a new decade, and new possibilities, slowly working our way out of one of the worst economic situations in memory, technology will play a substantial part in what’s to come in the future.

The entire application process and the method by which people seek out a mortgage has become streamlined. Mortgage lender operations have also become automated through technology and the Internet. What does this mean for you?

If you do not have a website you may be losing business. Losing your Website store with Myer’s or eMagic? Don’t worry; WebCaster® holds the key to a successful website solution giving you a way to market your business 24/7 while streamlining the loan application process, allowing you to increase the number of closed loans.

Already have a website? Utilizing WebCaster holds the key to a plug-in solution that will create a seamless integration with Point® and PointCentral®. This unique plug-in solution allows you to start accepting online applications immediately without interruption to your existing site.

Click here or contact us at 800.362.2599 to get your key to technology today!

Cover Yourself! Appraisal Firewall’s New Interactive Map Provides Better Control Over Appraisal Coverage Areas for Point Users

August 16, 2012

Jessica Thompson

At the core, Appraisal Firewall aims to deliver superior control over lenders’ appraisal processes by enabling lenders to work with their own appraiser panels (and any AMCs they want to work with).  In the coming weeks, Appraisal Firewall will be providing Point® users with additional tools to better manage their appraisal process.

Appraisal Firewall is in the final stages of testing a new interactive appraiser coverage area map to boost your ability to control your panels. Check out the video here.

They have taken the data from your appraiser panel and enhanced it so that you are presented with a sharp, interactive map-based display.  Beginning at the national level, you can see which states you have appraisers in, and which states you don’t.  You can then drill down into that state and view a county-by-county listing for individual appraisers and their qualifications.  And for those of you in larger counties such as Los Angeles or San Diego, you can even drill down into your coverage by zip code.

As far as appraiser detail goes, you can view appraiser products and pricing, their average turn time, the number of disputed appraisals they have delivered, and lots more!  You can also review appraisers that are not currently in your panel to see if this is an appraiser you might like to add to your panel – possibly extending your coverage area with a validated and trusted appraiser you can build a relationship with.

Pretty cool huh?

PS.  Point users can get all of this from the Point-Appraisal Firewall interface.  To learn more, email Jim Norman at SharperLending (the company behind the Appraisal Firewall technology), or leave a comment here on the Calyx Corner Blog.

Help with Point: What’s in your error message?

August 9, 2012

BJ Bounds

Sometimes when ordering document or services through integrated Point vendors, you may receive an error message.  These messages appear for any number of reasons and may or may not come with helpful descriptions.  But we’ve got the secret decoder ring!

Our Knowledge Base has a listing of error messages and their resolutions.  Whatever message you get, it’s in there, decoded and explained with screen shots just for you.

The Knowledge Base is available to you 24 hours a day and you can find helpful information and instructions on virtually any topic related to your Calyx software.  If you require additional assistance, you may call our knowledgeable support team at 800-342-2599.

Hassle-free GFE Disclosures

August 7, 2012

Jessica Thompson

Hassle-free GFE disclosures are finally a reality thanks to the SmartGFE® service from ClosingCorp.

With the SmartGFE, Calyx Point® users can instantly generate accurate closing cost data for Blocks 3-8; all in a matter of seconds. The SmartGFE service removes the time-consuming burden of managing templates and tables, effectively accommodates your existing workflows and automatically incorporates existing loan file data, property data, lender-specific rules, and your preferred provider rates. It also monitors real-time changes in recording fees and transfer taxes, and automatically sends re-disclosure alerts. The SmartGFE service was designed with RESPA tolerance in mind, and it provides a complete audit trail as well as a Compliance Guarantee for every loan file.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free GFE solution, contact your Calyx representative today and ask about the SmartGFE.

Is Your Service About to be Discontinued?

July 31, 2012

Jessica Thompson

In today’s ever changing market and economy, there are times when the products and services you use get disconnected or discontinued. Myers and eMagic, which offered websites for Mortgage and Real Estate Professional, are discontinuing this service on September 1, 2012 due to market and business model changes.

If you are going to lose your Myer’s or eMagic website, don’t panic all you need is WebCaster®!   For only $24.99 a month you can have the following with WebCaster:

  • Online 1003 applications that download into Point
  • Electronic document exchange to and from document management
  • Loan officer selection and routing
  • Loan application tracking
  • Online payment feature for borrower fees
  • eDisclosures through Point
  • Google analytics
  • Mortgage calculators
  • Customizable templates

Don’t put off switching providers until your site gets disconnected, contact us at 800.362.2599 today! View a free webinar of WebCaster or click here to read more about WebCaster.

Can an Appraisal Firewall Lender Survey Really Help Me Get More Control Over My Appraisals? You Bet it Can!

July 17, 2012

Jessica Thompson

Surveys are boring, right?  They take time, they take thought – two things we’d rather save for something…better. Like fishing, watching our kids’ soccer games or shopping for new bathroom rugs.

But surveys really can help you! Appraisal Firewall’s 2012 Lender Survey was taken by many lenders – some of whom use Calyx Point as their LOS – and the results overwhelmingly pointed toward a need for more control over appraisals and related data. The newest Appraisal Firewall release is the result of this survey feedback: it delivers unparalleled control over your appraisals, both at the Management level (over many branches) and at the mortgage department level.  Check out a live video of our new Appraisal Firewall Orders Dashboard.

The Pipeline Reports show you all active orders in all statuses. The Post-delivery reports show you all orders that have been delivered by the appraiser but are still in a review phase (UCDP review, corrections required, comp dispute, etc).  Both reports are 100% filterable by you – so you quickly get what’s important to you. Pinned Orders let you build custom lists of orders that you want to specifically keep an eye on – regardless of status.

Use Point as your front end, and (if you aren’t already) use Appraisal Firewall as your appraisal control panel! For more information contact Jim Norman or leave a comment here on the Calyx Corner Blog.

Want to Reduce Appraisal Bottlenecks in Production and Underwriting?

June 12, 2012


Jessica Thompson

Appraisal Firewall and Calyx Point  can help you!  Appraisal Firewall is a technology solution fully integrated into Point that gives lenders access to their preferred appraiser panels. 

From within Point, you can access your trusted local appraisers to place orders and receive appraisals back into Point – all the while complying with each and every appraisal independence regulation the Fed and investors have handed out. The more origination and processing work you can do right from within Point the better – so you can reduce costs, stop bouncing in and out of your favorite LOS, and maintain efficiency.

 Appraisal Firewall is available right from within your Interfaces menu in Point – just a quick couple of steps to get setup and you will be ready to go. Although Appraisal Firewall is not an AMC, they offer connections to over 50 of them through their technology as well as to your individual appraisers. 

You may have heard of their parent company SharperLending.  SharperLending has been a Point partner for over a decade and they are excited to be able to offer Point users a solution that connects them directly to the appraisers they know, like and trust.  For more information on Appraisal Firewall or SharperLending contact Jim Norman or leave a comment here on the Calyx Corner Blog.


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