24/7 Service – Trick or Treat?

Christa - Article picture
Christa Anz

The holidays are slowly approaching and we are all looking forward to a little time off with family and friends. One thing that is always hard to balance during the season is having family time, without the sacrificing customer service you give to clients the rest of the year.

Knowing that, it is normal to be leery when hearing about certain products that swear to make your life and clients’ lives easier and most as we all know don’t deliver.  WebCaster has become an extremely popular tool among Calyx users – proving its effectiveness. All that you need to do is take the few steps necessary for set-up that help you to build your own website in minutes, something that usually takes tons of times and thousands of dollars to create can be accomplished in minutes. From here, prospective borrowers can visit your site and fill out an online loan application while current customers can check their loan status anytime, anywhere day or night.  When we say “WebCaster is on the job, even when you’re not” we mean it.

 If you are already a Point or PointCentral customer when you start using WebCaster you have your own, secure online loan center that is integrated with both products which means like in Point and PointCentral, you have everything you need in one place.

 All of that with no start-up fees and no contract may sound like a trick, but you will quickly find it to be a treat! Check out more on WebCaster!

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