Credit Unions and Calyx®

Jody Collup

Jody Collup

Since yesterday was  International Credit Union day I thought it would be nice to give another shout-out to the ones who are already Calyx customers.

Currently we have over 500 individual credit unions utilizing either Point® or PointCentral™ as their mortgage origination platform – many of whom have been Calyx customers for years.

The percentage of new credit unions joining the Calyx-fold who are utilizing PointCentral as their system of record is on the rise.  I’m confident that percentage will continue to increase we look to the 7.2 launch next month, covering additional compliance regulations as well as items like audit trail, numerous banking screen enhancements and a more robust product and pricing integration.

So here’s  to our current and future credit union customers – Happy International Credit Union day/week!

One Response to Credit Unions and Calyx®

  1. valentina says:

    I just have to say this was probably one of the best blurbs I have come across on the subject so far. I do not have any idea where you gather up all your data but up! I am gunna send some people on over to read this. Amazing, just plain awesome. I’m have just started getting into spitting out articles myself, nothing compared to your writing skills (ha!) but I would love for you to take my articles someday!

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